Embracing Multiple Identities: The New Feature in TnL CRM

In an age where diversification is key to a business’s success, many companies operate under various names and brands, often tailored to different target audiences or markets. Recognizing the evolving landscape, TnL CRM introduces a game-changing feature: the ability to incorporate multiple company identities.

Understanding the Functionality

Let’s break it down with a relatable scenario. Imagine running a moving company that operates under three distinct brand names, each with its dedicated website. Instead of managing these identities separately, TnL CRM streamlines them into one system.

Creating Unique Identities: For each brand or website, you can craft a distinct identity within the CRM. This includes specific logos, bank details, and other identifying features.

Source Allocation: Each identity can have its list of sources, primarily provided in the company settings. These sources define from where the client was acquired.

Dynamic Email Management: When reaching out to a client, TnL CRM intelligently identifies the source associated with that client. So, if a client found you through ‘Website A’, any correspondence they receive will bear the identity of ‘Website A’, ensuring consistency in branding.

Further Applications: This smart recognition isn’t limited to just emails. Public profiles displayed to clients and feedback collectors will also resonate with the respective brand identity. From logos to social sources, the client’s experience remains consistent with the brand they initially engaged with.

The Advantage of Multiple Identities

At its core, this feature is about enhancing the client experience. By maintaining consistent branding throughout the client journey, businesses can foster a stronger sense of trust and professionalism. Moreover, it simplifies internal processes, making brand management within the CRM efficient and error-free.

In Conclusion

TnL CRM’s multiple company identities feature isn’t just a tool; it’s a reflection of the platform’s commitment to evolving with modern business needs. It’s a step forward in simplifying complex operations and ensuring clients always connect with the brand they know and trust. Dive into this new feature and experience the seamless integration of diverse identities under one roof.